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4 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need to Focus on Facebook Marketing

Facebook isn't just for sharing vacation photos and stalking your childhood nemesis anymore - Facebook is now where millennial get their political news, where people find jobs and apartments, and most importantly, where businesses find customers.

If you're brand new to online marketing for your business, Facebook is a great place to start. Not only are you reaching millions, if not billions, of potential new customers, but you are also building a great brand online that will benefit your business in more way than one.

4 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need to Focus on Facebook Marketing

1. Facebook lets you engage one-on-one with your customers.

In order to stand out in today's age of the Internet-savvy consumer, more and more businesses are going to have to rely on quicker methods of communicating with their customers. Gone are the days of lengthy waits on the phone. No more faxes or calling in to book an appointment. People want things faster, quicker, and easier than ever before.

Facebook allows you to communicate with your customers on a much more personal level. You can update store hours by posting to your fans, you can let them know about sales and special offerings by linking them to a purchasable offer. You can even use it to resolve customer service issues by messaging and commenting with fans. All of these ways keep your customers happy and informed and you top of mind.

2. People move, get new emails, get new phone numbers but they don't get new Facebook profiles.

No matter where people go, how often they change their information, they always keep their Facebook profiles the same. Who wants to go through all the trouble of re-adding all your old friends or uploading all your old photos?

Because of this, Facebook is the best way to keep in touch with your customers even as they move on.

3. The network effect means potential for tons of new customers.

At it's core, Facebook is all about the network. It's about connecting people, building a digital record of all the people in your life - past and present. This means that for every fan who likes your page, for every customer who likes your photo, there are potentially hundreds more of their friends who might see the interaction and decide that they're just as interested in your business. And if you happen to get into advertising, the Friends of Fans targeting feature allows you to reach all those potential new customers.

4. You can update your Facebook faster than you can update your website.

Because Facebook handles all of the web set up and development for you, they make it easy to publish new information about your business. Just log in to your account and start sharing! This means that if you're not the most tech-savvy or you're webmaster isn't always within reach, Facebook is an excellent alternative to keeping your customers updated as your business changes. New products in store? Snowstorm that is keeping you off the road and your business unexpectedly closed for the day? Use Facebook to share this information - it's much easier, faster, and often where people turn to get the latest "news".

Learning how to utilize today's technology like Facebook is what will give your business a competitive advantage. As more and more people turn to the web to find local businesses, it's up to you to get in front of them where they're searching.


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