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Collecting Customer Birthdays: Why It's Important and How It Can Help Generate Revenue


At FetchRev, our main goal is helping our clients grow their businesses - in whatever way they see fit. Many of our clients want help generating more revenue. There are a lot of different ways to go about doing this. But one of the very first thing we ask is: are you doing something special for your customers' birthdays?

I know, I know. How does celebrating a customer's birthday generate revenue? It's true that you won't see your bank account grow overnight by collecting birthdays from your customers. But it's also true that collecting birthdays is one of the best ways to ensure you build a loyal customer base that a) comes back time after time and b) tells all of their friends and family about you and c) creates opportunities for people to buy.

So how can you go about generating revenue by asking your customers for their birthdays?

1. You create a customer experience worth talking about.

Everyone loves to receive gifts. It's always nice to feel appreciated and like someone is thinking of you.

When you take the time to record your customer's birthdays and then send them a special gift that they can use in-store, you create a very personalized and positive experience with your business.

You also have the added element of surprise. Customers don't expect a business to take the time to be personable and thoughtful. So when you do go the extra mile, it stands out and is something worth sharing.

2. You get people in the door.

A lot of businesses have heard this story before: you spend a lot of time and effort on advertising or daily deal sites that get you a lot of new customers...but they only come in once and they're on to the next thing. There's no sense of loyalty.

Collecting people's birthdays and sending them something special gives those one time shoppers an opportunity to come back. If they are offered a free product or a special discount simply because it's their birthday, they'd be hard pressed to pass it up.

3. You create opportunities for them to buy.

There is a small boutique beauty salon near my house that always sends me this email during the month of my birthday:

Screenshot 2015-01-12 16.04.54

Now normally, I'd just buy my beauty supplies at a place I regularly go to for other household items (Costco, Target). But when I get this email, I end up stopping in and picking up some other beauty products since I'm already there. At the same time, I feel like I got the better end of the deal because I got something for "free" - which makes me feel special.

This is the key way to turn a loyalty program such as collecting birthdays into a revenue-generating machine. Not only are you building a great customer experience that will help you exponentially, but you're also creating opportunities for people to get in your business and make a purchase.


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