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Posted by Devin Pangaro ● 1/10/17 10:56 PM

Creating a Birthday Campaign that Takes the Cake

We're going to market like it's your birthday.

birthday campaigns can improve revenue

Unique in universal appeal, a birthday is celebration that connects us all on our special day and provides a gentle reminder to reach out to those that matter most in a hopefully non-belated fashion. Birthdays are the one piece of demographic information that everyone on your email list has in common—because after all, everybody has one.

For business owners, sending your valued clients a special birthday offer not only serves as a way to share the love, but an opportunity to capitalize on an essential money-making opportunity. According to an Experian study, birthday emails generate 342% higher revenue than promotional emails—and have a 481% higher transaction rate.

FetchRev’s automated platform makes collecting birthdays and following up with compelling, click-worthy birthday offers simple. Follow these steps to get your campaign up and running behind the scenes so that you can pull out the party hats and celebrate year-round—because a well-planned birthday campaign is the gift that keeps on giving.

Set Up a Birthday Acquisition Email

Before you start passing out party favors, you’re going to need to get your calendar in order. A simple email asking for your customers’ date of birth in exchange for a special deal is an enticing way to collect birthdays. If your business is oriented more towards kids’ activities, send an email to parents asking for their child’s birthday. FetchRev’s system organizes these under each email address, meaning you never have to remember a birthday (or 7,720) again.

birthday campaign offer

Create a Clear Campaign with a Can’t-Resist Gift

On a day where they’re likely to be immersed in email specials, the task at hand is to provide an incentive so irresistible that your clients wouldn’t dare pass up the savings or complimentary gift just from you. So think big as far as the discount of dollars off for a buy now campaign, and spotlight your most popular services so your client has every reason to seal the deal on something special for themselves. If you’re feeling generous and opt to send a freebie their way, choose to create a claimable coupon with a clear call to action in the copy with an eye towards a speedy claim and simple redemption process. 

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