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5 Campaign Ideas to Stir Up Your Email Strategy


email campaign ideas

Hit a bit of marketer’s block lately and are finding yourself hard-pressed to come up with creative email campaigns that convert? Try one—or all—of these five email marketing campaigns to add a bit of spice to your typical specials.

1. Bestsellers Offer

At the end of the day, word of mouth is still the most effective form of advertising that exists—so why not harness the power of your customers? People want to know which products and services are most popular, especially if they’re new to your business. Run a deal on your bestselling service or services, and make sure to emphasize the fact that these are the most-loved by your clientele.

2. Welcome Special

Once you’ve added a new customer to your database, it’s imperative to make a strong first impression. Try following up with a “thank you” introductory offer of 30% off one of your signature services. Providing social proof is especially important when speaking to first-time clients, so be sure your Yelp or Google+ page is linked so that recipients can read your reviews.

welcome back special

3. Winback Campaign

Retention marketing is the name of our game, which is why we often encourage the businesses we work with to run re-engagement specials targeted at lapsed customers who haven’t visited in a specific amount of time. When crafting this kind of campaign, keep an eye on your tone—remind customers of exactly what they’re missing out on (especially if you’ve made recent improvements) without sounding accusatory. Seal the deal with an enticing special—this study shows that for winback campaigns, presenting the dollars saved performs better than percent off.

winback campaign

4. Digest Newsletter

Need to catch up your client base on a number of major developments? We suggest sending a newsletter with short snippets of text or links to an outside site or blog. This gives your recipients all the information they need in one place without overwhelming them with information and images.

5. Off-Beat Holiday Deal

Highly successful email marketing campaigns don’t have to begin and end with major holidays or buying seasons like Black Friday and Mother’s Day. Choosing a fun, obscure holiday to create a special offer around can be a wonderful way to jog your imagination, and pique the interest of your customers. Is your trampoline park known for its incredible costume parties? Try hosting a May the Fourth Star Wars-themed jump event and run a 50% off claimable coupon for anyone dressed as their favorite character from the saga.

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