Posted by Devin Pangaro ● 10/24/16 11:19 AM

Finding the Right Image for a Picture Perfect Campaign

Image is everything. Isn’t it?


As a collective, people are a visual sort who respond appropriately to alluring images and graphics everywhere from the real world to the world wide web. When it comes to constructing a campaign that converts, keep in mind that choosing the right imagery is a crucial component to your success.

The Rules of Social Engagement 

First things first, a quality image shouldn’t just reflect and support the text content - it should amplify it. Think of it like this, you have one shot to engage your customer, so ensuring that your content is well-designed and provides them with a clear understanding of your service should always be at the forefront of any special offer.

For example, if you’re a beauty spa crafting an offer highlighting fantastic savings on a back-to-school facial, your offer should illustrate as much. Utilize an image that speaks to your desired audience and touches equally upon relevancy to both the theme and treatment. In addition to the library of licensed stock photos FetchRev provides at your disposal, the creative staff is ready and available to create custom images should a standard image not suffice.

Smile Like You Mean It

From movies to music, we as people, have an insatiable urge to connect on an emotional level with everything we let into our everyday lives. Which is why regardless of the service, it benefits to remember the wise words of R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe and embrace images of shiny, happy people - or more specifically women.


Studies show that women who appear overjoyed, relaxed and positioned looking directly at the camera yield the strongest results. However there’s a fine line to cross. Certain stock photos are naturally cheesy and while they may be of high quality - they may also turn people off with their inauthenticity. Choose intelligently and avoid any image that appears overly staged or fake.

Quality Control

Write it down and take a solemn oath to never ever use an image of poor quality in your marketing efforts. A common trait of unsuccessful campaigns is the improper uploading and usage of images that aren’t meant for browser or mobile use. This includes but isn’t limited to pixelated, improperly sized, low resolution, illegal for commercial use and over-compressed images. While our staff is able to resize certain images as necessary, some images are simply not optimized or approved for our campaigns and take the risk of presenting an unprofessional look, thereby driving away potential sales and claims.

Textbook Work

According to, text on images is read nearly 300% more than copy within the body itself. Taking a page out of your local newspaper, including a “Happy Birthday” on a birthday offer or reiterating a “$99 intro special” in text can properly support your image choice and highlight a particular event or holiday. Once more, the creative staff at FetchRev is happy to let their creative juices flow whenever possible and will employ their skill to create an image within your branding standards (fonts, colors, graphics) to the best of your vision. If an offer is being pushed to Facebook ads, we’ll also make sure that the text doesn’t exceed the 20% text rule.

A Photo Finish

Remember, ultimately your success is and always will be paramount to us. We handle every single campaign request with the utmost care, from the crafting of the copy to the strict deployment of best practices in the structure and image selection. We’re here for you and like a great image - we leave nothing out of focus.

Devin Pangaro, FetchRev Senior Digital Content Manager

Topics: Campaigns, Social Media