Posted by Devin Pangaro ● 4/25/17 5:53 PM

3 Email Marketing Tips to Maximize Your Mother’s Day Results

Mum’s the Word

The third-most popular holiday in terms of consumer spending is also one that tends to sneak up on us the most. With spring in full swing, barbecues heating up, and beach season beckoning, a day devoted to Mom catches even the most conscientious of us by surprise. As marketers, we can capitalize on both people’s propensity to spend on indulgences for their mothers, as well as their tendency to wait until the last minute. Follow these tips to make May 14, 2017 the mother of all business days.

Pick up the Pace 

We recommend sending out your first Mother’s Day Buy Now or Coupon Offer two weeks before the holiday. At this point, your messaging should center around encouraging customers to shop early for the best rates, or to get all of their shopping out of the way. Follow up with another email (either the same special or a different service or product) a few days before Mother’s Day. Create a sense of urgency by emphasizing that this is a “last chance” sale, or that time is running out to purchase a gift for Mom.

It's the Thought that Counts

Consider your audience when launching your campaign, and speak to them accordingly. While the holiday is called Mother’s Day, remember that many customers are shopping for their wives, grandmothers, sisters, and other women in their lives—so don’t forget to include this language in your copy. Be sure to emphasize the quality and exclusivity of what you’re offering—shoppers are not only looking for the most compelling prices, but also for gifts that are premium and thoughtful.

All Together Now

Add a little something special to your regular offerings by creating Mother’s Day-specific bundles or sets. Gift-friendly packages (Think: Massage, Facial, and Manicure, or 60 Minutes of Bowling, Shoe Rental, and Pizza) make it easy for customers to get their shopping done in one fell swoop. You don’t need to be a massage studio or nail salon to run an enticing Mother’s Day offer either—you just need to flex your creativity (Paintball, anyone?).

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