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A FetchRev Newsletter Of Sorts

Lots of companies send out monthly newsletters to let their customers, prospects and brand fans know what they have been up to in the past month - and most of the time these emails end up in the trash folder. We know that, that’s why you don’t see monthly newsletters in your inbox from FetchRev.

Not only do we want to avoid your trash, we also don’t believe in wasting your time with little updates that don’t benefit you. However every once in a while, so many cool things happen at once that it is worth letting the whole world know. That’s the purpose of this blog: the past few weeks here at FetchRev have been pretty epic internally.

Welcome To The Pack


First off, we welcomed a new member to the pack. Say hello to our new SVP of Revenue, Christopher Boyster. Previously the VP of Sales at CampusLogic, Chris was responsible for leading the sales team from $300k to $20M in ARR, a 2300% growth over 4 years.

“I am excited to join the team of innovators here at FetchRev to not only help grow this business into one of the top 20 in the nation,” said Chris, “but also to change the way local businesses market forever.” Needless to say, we are excited to have him too!

We've Made Some Upgrades...

Every single employee at FetchRev is crucial to our success, and as we grow, so does our pack. However that doesn't always mean bringing in new people with every role demand. We've learned that sometimes the best person for the job is already there - that's why we are happy to announce two internal promotions in the company.


Previously leading the sales department, if you've been to a conference or worked with FetchRev in the past then you should know him, Mike Carrillo is FetchRev's new SVP and Chief Evangelist.

As one of the most enthusiastic people in our office, as well as having an overwhelming amount of knowledge on the industries and humans we serve, he was the only option for the job.



Next up on the promotion block is someone all of our customers are extremely familiar with. Previous Director of Customer Experience, Aaron Gaskill, will be moving into the new role of VP of Customer Success.

After speaking with dozens of customers, it was clear that Aaron was not only a big part of FetchRev's success, but also our customer's success. He is dedicated and knows no boundaries to achievement, that's why we are proud to have him in not only ours, but our customer's corner in an even bigger way than before.

Speaking Of Our Pack...

Just this week we celebrated another successful quarter here at FetchRev, and while out to dinner as a pack, we awarded some of our top-performing team members for the excellent work they do for our customers, prospects and brand fans.


Taking home the Rhino On The Road Award, aka the most kick-ass salesman of the quarter, is Phillip McSween, Senior Account Executive. If you've seen us at the many trade shows or conferences that we frequent, you've probably met Phil. Known for dancing in the middle of the booth floor to answering every question you could ever have with sincerity and knowledge, there was no better man (or woman) for the award.

(P.S. The Hownd logo on his shirt ties into a surprise we will be revealing in November. See 'What's Next For FetchRev' below for more info)



Kool-Aid Bling

Walking away with the next award of the night was the youngest of the pack, Marketing Technologies Manager Kevin Mead, with the 'Most Memorable Moment of the Quarter' Award. We will save him the embarrassment of telling the story, but for your imagination's sake the award was a Kool-Aid man necklace -- OOH YEAH!





_Jesse _EDC

And the final award of the night, the Esprit De Corps Award, which is awarded to the employee who received the most votes out of the office as the one person who most embodies what our company and culture is all about (hard work and dedication), went to Jesse Novotny, our Software Engineer.

Jesse is an integral part of our product team. He is not only always available for us internally, but he is available behind the scenes for our customers when they need help too. After all, what's a software and services solution company without a strong software?



What's Next For FetchRev?

Funny you should ask -- we actually have some pretty big news to announce -- and we will be dropping the curtains on this giant announcement at the 2018 IAAPA Expo in November. If you're going to be there, stop by booth #4084 on November 15 for the big reveal. If not, keep your eyes on our social media and website on November 15 to hear the big news! 

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