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How to Drive Successful Results with Automated Emails

Reputation, Revenue, and Return Business


Be timely. Be personal. Be relevant. This is the guiding mantra of email marketing, the words to live by that makes the difference between a missed opportunity and a revenue-generating machine.

Despite the rise of social media, email remains one of the most effective channels to connect with your audience, however, building relationships with customers can take a significant amount of research, planning, and time.

That’s where automation comes in. Pre-generated emails set to deploy based on customer behavior empower businesses to be timely, personal, and relevant without spending valuable hours, and FetchRev is a pioneer in utilizing automated campaigns to drive engagement and purchases.

Here’s a breakdown of the automated, or “drip” campaigns we send—the hard work that goes on behind the scenes while you sit back and watch the likes, reviews, and revenue pour in.

Date Collector Email

Customers are more likely to redeem special offers on or around special dates. (Let’s just call this the law of “treating yourself.”) When a customer claims a Buy Now or Coupon campaign, we automatically follow up with an email asking for their birthday or anniversary. This gives us more customer data to better personalize future campaigns, such as special birthday offers.

Facebook Page Like Email

Similarly, after an offer is claimed, FetchRev automatically sends out a Facebook Page Like email, with the intention of gaining a page “follow” while your business is top-of-mind. Having customers on your email list as your Facebook fans gives you yet another channel to reach them, while boosting your online presence.

Google/Yelp Review Email

The decision to patronize a business is based largely on reputation, namely in the form of customer reviews. Soon after a FetchRev offer is redeemed, we send an email asking for a review on Google or Yelp. It’s best to solicit feedback while the experience is fresh in your customer’s mind, and this automated email takes the hassle out of following up.

Cart Abandonment Email

According to a study from the Baymard Institute, 68.8 percent of online carts are abandoned by shoppers, yet three-fourths of those who do leave their carts plan to return and complete their purchase. FetchRev capitalizes on this information by sending an automated email to customers who start—but don’t complete—the purchasing process.

Reminder Email

Shoppers are highly motivated by the fear of missing out, which is why 24-hours before a Buy Now or Coupon offer is about to expire, we nudge them to purchase with a reminder email. There’s no need to recreate your hard work—this email prompts customers to buy through urgency.


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