Posted by Devin Pangaro ● 1/17/17 2:35 PM

Finding Success through Segmented Email Lists

The great divide.

With a little bit of ingenuity and a whole lot of collected data, segmenting your email list can lead to increased open rates, amplified engagement, and roaring revenue possibilities before your very eyes. Quite simply, effective list segmentation is kind of big deal. According to DMA,  77% of email marketing ROI came directly from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns in 2015. From geographic location to their favorite services, nobody knows your clients better than you and with the data available to back that up, the time is now to segment for success. Let's take an inside look at three ways you can utilize segmentation for best results today.

Demographics by Design

(ie. Age, Gender, Marital Status, Family Size, Income Level, Location)

The more information you collect about your customers, the more precisely you can tailor campaigns to recipients—and utilizing simple demographic information is a great place to begin. Take age, for example. A spa running an offer for an acne facial is most certainly missing the mark if they’re blasting the deal to their entire customer base of men and women, ages 18-65. Segmenting their list and sending the acne facial special only to those who have provided their age as being between 18-35 (and perhaps creating an additional campaign for an anti-aging facial to distribute to an older group from ages 35-65) would help to ensure that the correct category of clients are receiving the right deals.

Engage and Interact

(ie. Anniversary, Birthdays, Reviews, Claims and Open Rates)

How—and how often—customers engage and interact with your emails can help to set the framework for your marketing strategy. Whether they’ve provided their birthday or anniversary in response to a FetchRev date collector campaign, claimed a coupon with their email address, or reviewed your business Yelp or Google, acquiring this information provides a starting point for a targeted follow-up campaign. For instance, sending a 20% off “thank you” offer to customers who have recently written a review is a surefire way to send a personalized campaign with a high likelihood of conversion. FetchRev automatically collects data on responsiveness to birthday/anniversary campaigns, review generators, and coupons to simplify your segmentation process.

By Purchasing Trend

(ie. Visits, Amount Spent, Type of Services Purchased, Membership Status)

Quite possibly the best way to understand your customers is to understand how they buy. There are a number of tools, such as booking software, that can aid in segmenting your list based on purchasing behavior. If you track visits, send loyalty offers to customers who have been by recently—and reactivation specials to those who have lapsed.  Target services at higher price points to email recipients who have shown a propensity towards spending more money. Establish a membership program and send special members-only deals or early-bird pricing. Our platform auto-segments your email list based on customers who have purchased a FetchRev deal in the past, making it simple to distribute certain campaigns to people most likely to make another purchase.

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