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Posted by Devin Pangaro ● 6/27/17 9:28 PM

Three Ways to Sidestep Spam Filters on the Way to Email Success

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Spam filters search each email campaign

Emails effortlessly transcend traditional methods of connecting with your clients by delivering a special deal or can't-miss event at any given instant to inviting inboxes everywhere. Such simplicity, however, is not without a few well-placed provisions and safeguards that when triggered, filter out potential unsolicited emails much to the chagrin of marketers everywhere. Fortunately, with the know-how to necessarily stay one step ahead of spam filters, you can ensure that your email marketing stays out of the spam folder and in front of the faces of your recipients.

Put a Cap on ALL-CAPS

Capital letters and exclamation points have their place in the world—however, that place isn't in email subject lines. Overuse of the upper case is a surefire way to set off red flags (not to mention, your recipients can easily misinterpret your tone as being overly aggressive.) Your message should be strong enough on its own to not rely on capital letters to emphasize key words. Similarly, while it may seem like exclamation points add excitement to your words, in email copy—especially subject lines—they read as unprofessional. 69 percent of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line, so keep yours short, straightforward, and free of these two major spam triggers.

Color in Email: Black, No Blues

Equipped with a keen sense of color, email spam filters will stop at nothing to send messages with tinted text straight to the reject bin. While peppering an offer with all the shades of the rainbow may seem like a great idea to call attention to what you're offering, in actuality you're putting your deliverability at a distinct and obvious disadvantage. There's even greater reason to stay in the black—colorful text can be difficult to read or off-putting to recipients.

Don't Get Triggered

Be careful what you type. While effective subject lines are generally lauded for an ability to be clever when they generate strong open rates, the wrong words can wreak havoc. Even using the word "free" in a subject line can send your offer into the spam folder. Phrases that promise unrealistic returns such as "Miracle Weight Loss Treatment" and "Lifetime Relaxation with a Single Massage Session" are easy targets for a fine-tuned email filter machine. Leave the gimmicks to the used car salesman down the street—choosing words like "cheap" and "guaranteed" or excessive use of the dollar sign "$$$" will ensure that your emails never even get off the lot.

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