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Posted by Devin Pangaro ● 4/4/17 5:58 PM

Website Popups: Success at First Sight

Plug life.

A large portion of our day-to-day work is dedicated to email marketing, from meticulously planning highly personalized special offers to crafting interest-piquing subject lines. Still, so much of the success of email as a distribution channel depends on your buyers' level of engagement. Enabling the FetchRev web plugin is the ideal way to market to your customers when they already have your business on their mind. Play your cards right, and you’ll watch as leads and purchases pick up steam with solid success. Here's three ways to utilize a FetchRev web plugin to drive desired results.

Let Your Birthday List Grow

Want to build a birthday list that's completely bananas? A plugin that collects email addresses and customer data of visitors by offering a claimable coupon or incentive tends to bear fruit. Perfectly suited for a Family Entertainment Center or Health & Beauty business, solidify a reputation as an operation that goes the extra mile by making your customers feel extraordinary on their big day—while also building an email list exponentially.

Rolling in the Revenue

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The more opportunities you have to reach your audience, the greater your potential to earn revenue. You’ve already bypassed the most difficult part of marketing—capturing the attention of your audience—as they’ve sought out information by visiting your website. The next step naturally, is to set yourself up for success and boost your return by turning your email and social campaigns into website plugins.

Let's Get an Offer Visible

Even with first-class open rates, your emails are more likely to be disregarded by people than they are to be opened. Utilizing a web plugin ensures that your content gets in front of the people who are most interested in the services—and this doesn’t begin and end with purchasable offers. For example, this Elements Massage location chose to showcase open career opportunities and added this plugin to their career page, making it simple for interested massage therapists to leave their information. 

Bonus Section: Tips Don't Lie

There are a few guidelines we like to follow when creating web plugins for our clients that ensure that the offers enhance your site experience and don’t distract from it.

• Match your plugin to the colors of your website and use an enticing image and clear call to action.
• If you’re embedding a purchasable offer, choose top-selling services at moderate price points that are more likely to convert.
•  Feel free to use multiple plugins on your site, but don’t overload all of your pages.

Devin Pangaro & Vanessa Demske
FetchRev Digital Marketing Team

Topics: Marketing, Fetchrev, Website