Posted by Devin Pangaro ● 11/17/17 2:54 PM

Listen Up: FetchRev November Spotify Playlist

Just press play. 

There's a memorable scene in John Cusack's otherwise forgettable ode-to-music movie High Fidelity (2000), where the main character is asked how he organizes his record collection and without hesitation or contemplation simply responds back "autobiographical". This simple scene so eloquently displays the importance of music on a personal level. How the music we listen to sets the soundtrack for our lives greatest tragedies and triumphs, and never fails to remind us of the specific moments that shape us.

At FetchRev, we've come together to share a selection of songs as diverse as the individuals that make our team. These are the tunes that keep us moving and grooving on the way to setting you up for success, time and time again. So sit back, pump up the volume and enjoy!

Devin Pangaro
FetchRev Senior Digital Content Manager

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