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Turning Likes Into Dollars: Why Facebook Likes Still Matter

Facebook is not just a social network anymore. Facebook is not just about puppy photos, wedding announcements and status updates about the grocery store. The world’s most popular social network is quickly evolving into one of the best advertising platforms out there for businesses and brands of all sizes.

But when Facebook announced that brands can expect to reach 1-2% of their fans organically, many brands stopped trying to grow their brands on Facebook and stopped trying to get more fans to like their page.

As it turns out, the decline in organic reach is exactly why brands need to focus on getting more likes from existing and new customers. Here are 5 reasons why Facebook likes still matter to businesses today.

Turning Likes into Dollars: Why Facebook Likes Still Matter

1. There are more people spending more time on Facebook.

Believe it or not, the number of people joining Facebook is growing more and more everyday. The social network now has 1.35 billion users (to put it in perspective, there are a little over 7 billion people on the planet). With this many people, it only makes sense that brands should work to take advantage of the direct communication path between their customers and the operations.

2. But with this many people, it’s getting harder to stand out.

Without proper planning, marketing on Facebook can be like shouting across a packed room at a cocktail party to someone on the other side of the room: your message gets drowned out by the chaos and clamor of the crowd.

Facebook says that at any given time, there are 1500 stories competing for attention in your News Feed. Now it’s easy to see why many brand’s posts aren’t reaching as many people as they once were: there simply isn’t enough room for every brand to reach every customer.

3. Likes will get you in front of the right people.

Besides the social proof that comes with having a fair number of likes on your Facebook page, likes are the doorway that connect your customers with you.

Facebook knows that if someone liked your page, they did so because they “like” your business. They want to get the latest product updates or business hours. They want to hear about your holiday specials and loyalty programs. So Facebook will prioritize your content over another, less relevant piece of information - say a status update from a long, lost friend from school that you no longer keep up with. As long as your customers have a history of interacting with your page, Facebook will make it a priority to show your content.

4. With the right people you can send the right message.

The best kind of ads are ones that are targeted at customers who have a demonstrated interest in the good. What better way to determine someone’s interest than a “Like”?

Imagine sharing purchasable offers and discounts with people who have already bought from you or who have heard about you through a friend and took the time to like your page on a personal recommendation.

Now imagine sharing purchasable offers and discounts with someone who has never heard of your business before.

Facebook likes get your ads in front of people who are the most likely to buy, therefore making the most of your time and money spent on Facebook advertising.

Who do you think is more likely to buy?

5. Likes give you access to other potential customers that are related to your current fan base.

One of the best tips for finding a new job is to ask among your friends and family. If you show enough demonstrated interest, someone is always bound to know someone who can put you in touch with a company that is hiring for your desired role. This is called horizontal networking.

Facebook advertising takes advantage of this phenomenon to provide new ways for businesses to connect with new customers. One of the best things about social networks is that everyone is always connected to other people. Facebook’s advertising programs allow you to target not only the people who like your page but also people who might like your page - friends of your fans, people who “look” like your fans (based on things like location and interests). If you’re sharing the right kind of content that can convert people seamlessly and efficiently, Facebook can be an effective platform for acquiring new customers.

Garnering likes for your Facebook page is a tedious process. In fact, you should be cautious against companies that promise getting you hundreds of likes overnight. Instead, focus on building your assets within your existing customer base. With this foundation, you can grow your monetary return on advertising and target new customers who are the most likely to make a purchase.


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